Style of the Day – Turtleneck

Style of the day - turtleneck

Of course when you are tired of wearing shirts, you can always wear a turtleneck to stay stylish and keep yourself warm at the same time.

A turtleneck is a garment worth investing in, but also one essential that is often overlooked in a man’s wardrobe.

Most men don’t know when to wear it or what to wear it with or are simply afraid to put on a turtleneck and rock the outfit with it.

But, when you wear it correctly, a turtleneck can become one of the most elegant and chic pieces you can have in your wardrobe.

Keep in mind the fabric of the turtleneck when you are buying it:
  • Cashmere is expensive, soft and warm, a very luxurious choice.
  • Wool is warm, looks good and requires a lot of care.
  • Cotton is light, thinner and can be worn directly on the skin.
  • Avoid synthetics or blends as they are cheaper and rarely of good quality.

When you are buying it, keep in mind how you are going to wear it.

Darker colors are more formal and more suited for colder weather. While lighter colors are less formal, more casual type of wear.

Consider layers under or over the turtleneck and most importantly, pick the fabric you want to wear.

Cotton is your preferred choice for Spring or Autumn. It is lighter and thinner and can be worn with a blazer on top of it.

Wool and cashmere are your preferred choice for Winter. They are warmer and require a layer underneath to avoid any itching of the skin.

Proper and extensive care is needed for cashmere and wool to last longer, making them an investment for many years.

As winter is edging closer, pairing your brown boots with jeans and a lovely turtleneck complemented by a blazer will be a good combination for an elegant, yet casual outfit.

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