Style of the Day – Grey Outfit

Style of the day - Grey outfit

So you have just bought a grey coat and don’t know what to pair it with?

No worries, grey is a neutral color and suits almost every piece of clothing you have at your disposal.

This fine gentleman has paired this coat with pants and scarf of same color.

Looks really clean, elegant and flattering.

The steady flow of colors gives a unique appearance and it is a very versatile outfit.

You can wear it with black or brown shoes or boots, depending on your taste.

There are endless ways of wearing a grey coat, making it an essential piece that every man should have in his wardrobe.

Instead of reaching for a standard black coat, be it for a casual jeans and t-shirt look or a formal pants and shirt look, give this coat a go and see how it boosts your look.

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  1. My favorite colors are black, navy, white and grays―base colors to build a wardrobe palette upom and look G U D good! Sure, those were the colors from parochial school, but I looked sharp then, too. 😉 I might even drop some suede shoes on it as a matter of fact.

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