3 Ways To Wear A Coat

Ways to wear a coat

When it is getting really cold outside, the most acceptable outer wear is the coat.

No matter how many layers you put over your shirt, wearing just a blazer on top will not keep you warm during the cold winter days.

A good coat should fit you well and keep you warm.

When buying one, you should consider what kind of fabric the coat is made of.

If you plan to wear it for many years, make sure to buy one that is made of a 100% wool.

Cashmere is nice, soft and will keep you warm, but will double the price of a coat made of wool, for little to no advantage.

Wool coats on the other hand are heavier and will last longer, because the fabric is more durable.

When picking the length of the coat, different men have different styles.

There are 3 length types that should be considered when buying a coat, but it mostly depends on the individual’s preference.

Most young men wear coats that stretch just above the knee or even shorter, just below the waist.

Most seasoned gentleman prefer longer coats that stretch below the knees.

How the coat fits is, again, a preference. Some prefer looser fit, while some prefer slimmer fit.

Generally, the younger you are the slimmer it should fit for an overall better and more elegant look.

There are two relevant types of styles ( just like with blazers ): single breasted or double-breasted. The former is an all-rounder while the latter is best suited for more formal events.

A man’s wardrobe should consist of one black medium length and one grey or camel medium/short length coat.


Be sure not to mix many colors when wearing a coat. Stick to two, possibly three for a more coordinated look.

Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are complementary colors, while colors that border each other on the color wheel are analogous colors.

When you are putting together your outfit, stick to complementary and analogous colors. And remember gentlemen that less is more.

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