Tip of the Day – Red Blazer

Tip of the day - Red Blazer

For today’s edition of tip of the day I want to propose a more daring approach that involves a red blazer.

What happens when you have a quick date lined up at a cafe during the day and don’t know what to wear?

Should you dress all business-like with a suit and tie or should you dress casually with sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt?

How about something in between.

Black shoes, black pants, a black turtleneck complemented by a lovely red blazer.

Now this will get you attention.

And not just from your date, but virtually everyone that you come across in their line of sight.

The red blazer is an attention grabber, no doubt. Not only will you attract a lot of attention, but red has a more warming effect on people, especially women.

Women tend to find men that wear red more attractive. That isn’t to say that the job is done just by wearing red,  you still have to seduce her.

But, putting on a red blazer can only have benefits, especially when paired up with a turtleneck. It makes the whole outfit look clean, smooth and something between formal and casual.

Exactly what you need for a quick date.

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