Style of the Day – Navy Outfit

Style of the day - Navy outfit
During the winter, black colored clothes are the preferred choice among many men.

But, if you ever grow tired of wearing black outfits, why not pick a navy one?

Brown shoes, navy pants, a light-blue shirt and a lovely navy pea coat does the trick of looking extremely stylish during the winter.

The steady flow of colors makes this outfit quite elegant. And adding a blue tie makes it a smart choice for the office.

However, notice that this is a double-breasted coat.

And double-breasted coats look best on men of medium or tall build.

Nevertheless, any man can wear it. But it is advisable for the coat to be tailored at the waist as the wearer’s shoulders become more prominent.

This is the one piece of clothing that every gentleman should have tailored to his torso.

It isn’t as versatile as the grey outfit, but it is a great choice if you want to have more variety of clothing in your wardrobe.

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2 Replies to “Style of the Day – Navy Outfit

  1. You really have me re-examining the brown shoes issue. I’m starting to like them. Again. It’s been a long time (excluding my Cole-Haans that I simply adore, have had for a long time, and they still look new. Best footwear investment I ever made.)

    1. One of the most essential pieces of my current wardrobe is in fact brown shoes.
      Brown shoes really go well with almost any other outfit you can think of ( apart from black pants – brown shoes don’t go well with black pants ).

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