Style of the Day

Style of the day

What should you wear today?

Try to combine a pair of black Chelsea boots, black pants, beige turtleneck and a bomber flight jacket for a really bad-boy look, featured in today’s style of the day.

For a tougher look, choose this leather bomber flight jacket and pair it with a monochrome or neutral palette.

Works well with every body type, but skinnier men have the most benefits as this jacket is a lot thicker and heavier than a regular jacket.

Makes their upper body look broader and more prominent.

This type of jacket is a totally versatile piece of outerwear.

Originally designed as a military pilot’s jacket to keep the pilots warm at high altitudes.

Usually cropped at the hips, they make it easier to wear while sitting too.

Since winter is coming in soon, pulling of this outfit will not only keep you warm, but make you look like a really cool bad-boy too.

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