Jeans and Pants Short Guide

Jeans and pants short guide

Often men neglect the buying of high quality jeans or pants.

Most men opt to spend a lot of money on shirts, t-shirts and jackets and completely avoid upgrading their jeans and pants style.

Especially when interacting with women, men tend to think that just by wearing expensive shirts or jackets, they will look cool.

Truth is, quality jeans and pants are even more important than quality shirts or jackets.

Follow these handful of tips and improve your style:

  • Avoid light-colored, baggy, skinny or ripped jeans – they don’t have a place in your wardrobe.

Light colored and baggy look like they are washed out and floppy, skinny ones make you look like you are wearing leggings and ripped ones make you look like a school boy rather than a real gentleman.


  • Buy regular or slim fit jeans – they make for a masculine, attractive and balanced silhouette on your overall appearance. Jeans should be tailored just as your pants are.

When buying pants, there are certain guidelines to consider:
  • Avoid pleats at all costs – pleats make you look bigger than you already are. A flat front pant will make you look trimmer.
  • There are four breaks from which you can choose. But for the best possible look, opt for half break or no break pants.
  • Same with jeans, avoid skinny and overly tight pants. Get slim fit ones that have just enough room between the pants and the skin, especially at the thighs, so as to not make you uncomfortable while walking or when sitting.
  • Cuffs on jeans and pants might be acceptable, but aren’t necessarily stylish. Shorter men should avoid cuffs at all costs, as they will appear even shorter.

A gentleman’s wardrobe should consist of at least one pair of jeans ( preferably dark blue ) and at least two pairs of pants ( one of grey or navy color and one of black color ).

Dark blue jeans are very versatile. You can match them with almost everything, from sneakers to boots, shirts and sweaters or turtlenecks and you can wear them any time. Be it at a cafe bar with your friends during the day or a dinner date with your lady on a saturday night, jeans will never let you down.

Pants are also versatile with darker ones being more for formal events and grey or navy for less formal ones. But the colors are a preference for different men. Some might want beige colored pants which are an excellent color for pants, especially for spring or autumn, while others might want burgundy colored ones. Personally, I don’t find burgundy that fashionable or versatile, hence why I don’t recommend them.

With just these three pairs of jeans/pants you’ll have enough combinations to make without spending a lot of money.

Summed up with examples, this is how that would look like:

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  1. I don’t know much about men’s fashion, but I really like the information you provided. It was clear and easy to understand, and it helped me understand a few of the basics when it comes to men’s fashion.

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