Avoid These 3 Drinks After Exercise

Drinks to avoid

Soft drinks encourage dehydration in the body. Hence making them drinks that are definitely not recommended after a workout when you’ve lost plenty of water from the body.

When you are thirsty and you need hydration, especially after intensive activities such as cycling, running or workout in the gym, it is easy to reach for a completely wrong drink.

But you should be careful because some drinks can do you more harm than good.

And therefore reduce the benefits of the exercise.

Here are a couple of drinks that you should be avoided after exercise:

  • Soft carbonated drinks

Once you have burned calories in the gym, you think you are entitled to a reward in the form of a fizzy drink, right?

Think again – a soft drink is concentrated with large amounts of simple sugars that the body quickly absorbs.

It is a quick source of energy, which would cause a rapid decline as well.

And on top of that, it will offer absolutely no nutritional benefit.

Moreover, soft drinks encourage dehydration in the organism, which is not the best choice after a workout.

If you like to drink something with bubbles, nutritionists advise to choose mineral carbonated water with a little fresh lemon.

After a workout you want to loosen up a bit with liquor? Try to refrain from that drive.

Alcohol can be a diuretic. Therefore bringing forth the risk of even greater dehydration and lack of fluids can also cause an unpleasant hangover.

It is highly recommended to choose natural fruit juice instead or a protein shake.

If you insist that it should definitely be alcohol after a workout than the best choice would be light beer.

Beer hydrates the body better than other alcoholic drinks.

You are already filled up with adrenaline and the heart already beats rapidly and there is no reason to add caffeine in this whole story which, of course, serves as a stimulant.

A caffeinated drink does not hydrate the body, nor offer a good source of energy.

Add some organic cocoa smoothie drink instead, which will definitely recover your body after physical exertion.

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  1. I really respect that your blog is more than about style, but also about health, nutrition,self-care. It’s something I don’t find men talk enough about amongst ourselves.
    Great work at getting a holistic dialogue about “A Gentlemen’s Lifestyle”. Peace, Harlon

    1. Appreciate the feedback. A man’s lifestyle isn’t just about what to wear, but also how a man takes care of himself.
      I too have noticed that men don’t really talk much about grooming or self-care, which is a bit odd, honestly.
      But, to each his own right? 🙂

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