Shirt Guide For Men

Shirt guide

A man’s shirt can play a supporting role by enhancing his blazer or it can stand alone and be the centerpiece of his outfit.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are buying your next shirt:

  • Fit

A well fitted shirt should first and foremost be comfortable.

This can be different for every man as larger men are usually complimented by a looser fit. While smaller and thinner men are complimented by a slimmer cut.

Most men wear shirts that do not fit them properly. The problem is that ready-made clothes are made to fit many people.

As a result, nobody gets a perfect fit. But that doesn’t mean you can go out to every store and not be able to buy a perfect shirt.

It just means you will have to visit a tailor if you want the optimum fit of your shirt.

  • Fabric

Cotton – being the best choice for centuries, a finely woven cotton fabric gives the best feeling a man can have from a garment worn close to the body.

Excellent heat and moisture conduction, great durability, very pleasant smoothness and the ability to take a good shape when ironed, makes the cotton fabric for a shirt the number one choice.

Man-Made Fibers – being often wrinkled and stain resistant, this type of fabric plays a major role in menswear.

Even though they do not have the same desirable properties as cotton, man-made fibers are still a good choice, especially since they come at lower prices than the cotton made shirts.

It is advisable though, not to buy shirts that have more than 50% man-made fiber.

Silk – luxury fabric, is easily recognizable because of its soft and light cloth. Since it is low in durability, as well as shiny and flashy, it is not recommended to buy silk shirts.

Unless a wedding is in place or you have an unlimited budget, due to its high maintenance cost.

  • Color

When building an interchangeable wardrobe with shirts there are a couple essential pieces that can be very versatile to almost any outfit:

White – the most common color for a shirt. At least one is a must have as a white shirt goes with every possible combination you can think of, from the most casual setting to the most formal ones.

Blue – there are certain shades of blue that you have to keep in mind. A solid sky blue shirt is best for business or office outfits or generally a day time shirt. A navy shirt can go with any setting, day time or night-time. You should avoid light blue shirts, unless it is a strictly office or day time outfit. The light blue shirt is hardly recognizable at night.

Grey – being a neutral color it can go with almost every combination. Day time, night-time, office or casual outing, a grey shirt is highly flexible.

While the first three are most essential pieces for an interchangeable wardrobe, other colors such as pink, black or red might come in handy in certain situations.

  • Patterns

Solid – the simplest and the most versatile pattern. Must have style of pattern for a wardrobe as it can be worn anytime and for every occasion.

Stripe – this pattern looks the best when combined with a suit. You can pull of wearing it in a casual setting as well, but the best place you can wear a striped shirt is at the office.

Gingham – a very different approach than the solid and striped ones, a gingham shirt is best used when combined with casual clothes for casual events.

Having at least one of each three pattern types will make for a very versatile wardrobe.

  • Collars

The purpose of the collar is to properly balance and frame a man’s face. It is the most visible part of a shirt when wearing a blazer and plays a very large role in determining the formality and use of the shirt.

There are two types of collars that should be considered for a shirt: pointed collars ( being the most common ) and spread collars.

When choosing the type of collar keep in mind how firm the collar is. You want the collar to keep its shape even without a tie, so the firmer it is the better.

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