Suit and Blazer Button Tips

suit and blazer button tips

When it comes to wearing a suit or blazer there are certain “rules” that a well dressed man respects.

It all depends on the type of suit jacket/blazer you are wearing.

Most modern suits have their jackets made with just a single button, but there are also jackets and blazers that have two or three buttons as well.

When it comes to putting on your suit or blazer you have to keep in mind which buttons you are fastening.

  • With a single button suit jacket or blazer it is obvious.

Fasten it when standing and unfasten it when sitting. You don’t want it wrinkled if you don’t undo it when you sit.

  • With a two button jacket or blazer, keep in mind the following: never fasten the lowest button, but do fasten the top button.

Same rules apply as with the single button blazers, fasten the top button when standing, unfasten it when sitting.

  • With a three button suit jacket or blazer comes one more button in play: and again, never fasten the lowest button, do fasten the middle button and the top button is optional.

You may choose to fasten it and you may choose not to, you will not be wrong either way. It is a matter of preference, especially if you feel the need to fasten it when the weather gets colder.

  • With a double-breasted suit jacket or blazer, fasten all the buttons save for the lowest one. You may leave it fastened when standing or sitting, until you take it off.
A general rule of thumb when suit jackets and blazers are concerned is to never fasten the lowest button.

Needless to say it sends a signal that you really do pay attention to details. And it also makes for a cleaner silhouette when standing, especially for men that wear suits.

Don’t leave the suit jacket and blazer buttons fastened when you sit down, as it can stress the fabric and wrinkle it. Relax and loosen the button once you sit down.

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