10 Most Common Fashion Mistakes Men Make

fashion mistakes

When it comes to fashion, there are certain mistakes that men very often make.

It does not matter how much time or money is invested, a very stylish man takes proper care of his wardrobe.

Every piece of clothing the stylish man buys, he buys with intent, to upgrade his fashion style.

But every once in a while, a man can make a mistake here and there.

And most men often make the same mistakes that really hurt their fashion style.

Here is a list of fashion mistakes men usually make:

  • Dirty and warped shoes – it is a common mistake among many men.

A stylish man keeps his shoes clean with proper care and rests them between days.

Don’t go out with the same shoes every day, as they will warp in unwanted ways.

  • Jeans and pants length – just because your jeans or pants are longer than usual, doesn’t mean you can wear them like that or fold them up.

Visit your favorite tailor and hem them up with a full break, half break or no break, depending on your preference.

  •  Belt – many men also make the mistake of not matching the belt with shoes. Always match the belt color and material with the shoe color and material.

  • Ties – if the tie is too short or too long it makes the man look incompetent. The tie should end at the center of your belt.

  • T-Shirts – tucking in your polo’s is acceptable, but you should never tuck in your t-shirts. Also, avoid too many prints on your t-shirts. Keep them plain and casual instead.
  • Shirts – a lot of men make the same mistake of wearing short-sleeved shirts or worse, wearing short-sleeved shirts with ties. Stick to sleeved shirts and always tuck in your shirt.

And if it gets warmer, you can always roll up your sleeves to look cool and feel comfortable as well.

  • Buttons – another mistake many men make is buttoning themselves up too much. If you put a tie on it is okay to button the whole shirt.

But without a tie you shouldn’t button your shirt all the way to the top. It makes you look weird without a tie on.

  • Blazers – never button the lowest button, unless you are wearing a single button blazer.

  • Colors – wearing too many colors is a big mistake. Stick to two or at most, three colors for your outfit.

  • Fit – wearing wrong-sized clothes. Clothes shouldn’t be too loose or too tight, but should always fit you and complement your body.

Always check your clothes before going out.

If they are stained, throw them in the washing machine. If they are wrinkled, iron them out.

It takes up to five minutes to iron your clothes. If they smell badly, then don’t wear them.

And always hang up your clothes, don’t just throw them on the chair.

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