Style of the Day – All Black

style of the day - all black

Monday signals the start of the week. And since many view Monday as the villain, why not try an all black combination?

All black combination styles have widely been used in the movie industry as an attire appropriate for the villain.

Think of Darth Vader of Star Wars or Agent Smith of the Matrix, just a few among many others.

Why is that though?

Well, firstly, the black color signals power and control. It creates an air of mystery.

Black implies confidence, self-control, independence and a strong will.

People wearing it may be conservative and serious, hence why it is the number one choice among the movie villains.

Since it exudes power and intimidation it is an excellent choice if you want to be viewed more like a bad-boy.

This outfit works well on most occasions. You can wear this combination in the office too and be taken quite seriously, compared to other styles.

The most successful salesmen opt for an all black combination, with a white or blue shirt to spice it up a bit.

They radiate authority and power and create fear in the other party. All that coupled with their sales skills, they make a lot of sales, but very few ( or none at all ) friends.

Be careful though, as too much black can cause depression and mood swings.

It is perfectly fine to switch to this style from time to time, just make sure not to wear it all the time.

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