6 Tricks to Increase Your Will to Exercise

Increase your will to exercise
Every conscious act of an individual in favor of a certain long-term goal, represents the strength of will of the individual.

For the usual daily activities, such as regular getting up from the bed every morning to satisfy the financial needs, requires a force of will.

The strength of will is actually related to the processes in the brain.

The willpower of the individual needs to be developed in order to successfully fight against momentary pleasures that do not comply with the long-term objectives.

Therefore, I bring you 6 ways that will help you develop your strength of will, in order to increase your self-control so as to not avoid your training schedule without a valid reason:

     1. Test your body

There are no adequate studies confirming the use of willpower that can compel you to do virtually any activity.

As well as those that can create a feeling of stress and increased physical and mental exhaustion.

Some experts argue that forcing yourself to perform certain activities ( especially ones that you hate avoiding ) can act very positively.

     2. Be well fed

Some scientists believe that sugar increases the strength of will. But make sure you don’t indulge in consuming unhealthy amounts of sugary products or unhealthy types of sugar.

This means that consuming adequate amounts of healthy nutritional food will give you enough strength and will to perform tasks or activities that you would like to complete.

     3. Create a dull atmosphere

If you are comfortably accommodated in your home and want to watch your favorite series at a time which is scheduled for a workout in the gym, I suggest you turn off the TV, remove the food from the table and do not interact with the anyone.

With a less attractive atmosphere, going to the gym will be significantly painless for you.

     4. Do not waste energy before a workout

Individuals that spend their time playing video games while on their way to the gym have significantly less energy to carry out their training.

The human brain does not distinguish the usefulness of certain activities, but only that it has done some work.

Before you go to the gym, try to spend your time relaxing, like listening to music.

     5. Have enough sleep

Lack of sleep has a great negative effect on mood and performance of all activities.

To be adequately willing and able to carry out a high quality training, give your body a well needed rest.

A good rule of thumb is to have around 8 hours of sleep throughout the day.

Having a 7 hour good, night sleep and 1 hour of rest after you finish work or have done your daily activities will be enough to keep your body well rested and energized.

     6. Avoid activities on social networks

People that often share status updates on their Facebook profile have a feeling that they have completed a task.

But, completing insignificant tasks can manifest itself into a feeling of fatigue.

And maybe the wasted energy on social status updates can make a person not have enough energy to complete the workout.

Furthermore, it can create a feeling that you were very productive that day and that you have completed a significant number of daily activities.

That may lead to reduced motivation to complete future tasks.

Leave the “no pain, no gain” statuses or “workout selfies” for when you have completed all your daily tasks.

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2 Replies to “6 Tricks to Increase Your Will to Exercise

  1. I know when I am restless and irritated that it’s time to get on my mat and practice. I practice because it helps me. It’s a tool, like drinking water, to help me be my best. I think sometimes we don’t know why we feel bad, and if you don’t, that’s a good cud that your body wants to work some stuff out. Just my .08 cents 🤗

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Channeling all that energy ( both negative and positive ) in those weights and reaping the benefits of feeling good and fulfilled after the workout is indeed very helpful.

      What was the saying: “whether you are sad, lost, lonely or broken, there is always a fix – Gym” 😀

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