3 Simple Tricks to Make Bigger Muscles

3 tricks to make bigger muscles

You are active, do some sport or fitness, but somehow never get the desired muscles. Maybe you are not lifting heavy-enough weights. Or maybe you are not making enough sets or reps.

Either way, there is no need to worry. These three simple tips will help you with that.

     1. Do not force yourself with cardio training

Lifting weights is a favorite exercise among athletes.

Depending on which sport they play, each of them would much rather pass the long hours on the field playing basketball or football.

However, if you want to make an impact, instead of cardio, focus on training for increasing strength.

Your body needs a certain energy that is gained through food so that it could give its best in training.

If you exercise for longer periods and you have not consumed enough nutrients, your body will draw energy from supplies, so it could endure the training.

Devote yourself to lifting weights several months, go to the gym regularly and drastically reduce the cardio training.

However, if you are into football, or any other team sport which is based on durability, make sure your weight-lifting training is as short as possible.

     2. Healthy breakfast

If you want to gain muscle mass, you have to eat larger amounts of food. It certainly does not mean you have to eat everything, especially fast food, fat and processed foods that have a high percentage of salt and trans fats.

Some nutritionists advise that if you are active, your daily intake of calories should be between 3,000 and 3,500 thousand calories.

Select food that contains high levels of protein – full-fat dairy products, fresh meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits. If you choose an oatmeal, than the best to choose is whole grain oatmeal.

     3. Focus on your form

Surely when you hit the gym the biggest challenge will be to lift as heavier weights as possible.

But it will not be enough, as well as being a mistake, if you think you’ll get muscles worthy of awe at the beach.

You have probably seen some guys in the gym that did not look particularly powerful, but can lift great weights.

It is because they have improved the efficiency of movements, meaning their form.

Proper form is about precise, controlled movements of the weights to hit the right group of muscles.

You cannot train biceps and at the same time feel the tension in your triceps. That is bad form and a bad workout.

When lifting heavy weights your focus on equal distribution of weight, as soon as you feel the tension in the muscles, is to be evenly distributed along the whole body rather than a specific group of muscles.

If you want to get muscle mass, you have to control the movements. Slow down the pace of raising the weights and work more on the form.

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