Guide for Men: How to Choose the Right Perfume?

the right perfume

In a sea of ​​perfumes and colognes, choosing the one perfume that most suits you can be a really hard task!

Sometimes the over assertive vendors can convince you to buy something valuable, that actually might not suit you.

As more companies are entering the beauty market, advertising campaigns being more intensive and more irresistible in their ads, further complicate the situation prompting you to stick to the same perfume you’ve been using for ten years.

But because each of us sometimes needs a change, you should not be afraid to try something new.

Especially when we are talking about perfumes, because every day the world receives a new perfume, better than the previous one.

There are plenty of perfumes that you can choose from and love and I will try to show you how to choose which perfume suits you perfectly.

     1. Try out the “tester” perfumes

Although vendors may convince you to buy a particular type or brand of perfume, it is best just to ignore them and try everything you want.

It is important to know that your sensitivity to fragrance changes every time you try something. Sometimes you probably can’t notice the difference between some of the details, but if you try several times, the probability that you have found your perfect fragrance is high.

When you opt to purchase, visit the perfumery and try out what you want, then stroll a while, then come back and try again. You will be grateful for this advice.

     2. Bear in mind the creator of the perfume

Another criteria that should be taken into account is the creator of the perfume.

Designers or brands that you are used to or that are known to you, may actually not have what you need. Just like fashion designers, people who create perfumes have certain characteristics, which you might like or not. The brands that create perfumes often emphasize the creators of those scents.

There are several websites on the internet which are real perfume libraries. They record all the details, as well as creators and fragrances for which they are known.

Before you decide to buy, you may want to investigate. Or visit the perfumery where you know that employees are more professional and can explain everything you want.

3. Take into account your own personality

Perfumes are divided into six families: fresh, fruity, floral, gourmet, oriental and woody.

When you get to know them, you will easily choose the perfect perfume for yourself. Because you will know exactly what suits you.

In fact, your personality is the most critical detail that needs paying attention to when choosing perfumes.

If you have an open personality, fruity perfumes are the perfect choice for you.

Also, some scents are suitable for certain seasons, while others are quite universal.

4. Ask experts

I have already mentioned that you should make a purchase at a perfumery where qualified personnel work.

When you go to buy a perfume, especially one that is more expensive, you must not be ashamed to ask for everything that interests you.

Seller will clarify any doubts and after a short conversation can recommend you some perfume specifically for you. However, do not allow them to choose for you.

If you think that a person with that conversation still does not know what he was talking about, postpone the purchase for the next day and check out all the details on the web.

     5. Use interactive tools

If you thought that modern technology has skirted the industry for luxury fragrances, you were mistaken.

Innovators have created tools that can help you choose your perfect fragrance.

One of these tools is called “Scentsa” and runs an interactive screen available in some known perfumeries.

The beauty of this technology is that it allows you to see all the scents from one family.

Then you input your answers about your personality and preferences, such as style, favorite colors or season and this machine will offer perfumes that you can then try and buy the one that you will like the most.

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