5 Weekend Outfit Ideas

5 weekend outfit ideas

You probably have a lot of ideas in your mind about fashion and style.

Well, another weekend is a upon us and another chance to show off that impressive attire you have in your wardrobe.

All the combinations and ideas that are present in your head, now is the time for them.

There is nothing better than a well dressed man and when else will you impress if not on weekends?

Most people are free on weekends and it is good opportunity to go out and have some fun.

Especially if you are well dressed and looking to meet some women.

Here are 5 weekend outfit ideas and when to use them:

  • Outfit #1

The first outfit consists of brown shoes, khakis, a white shirt and a lovely burgundy sweater on top to keep you warm. Best used when you are out during the day, since it is more of a casual style.

The burgundy is a good color choice, a nice attention grabber, while the khakis work perfectly with brown shoes.

  • Outfit #2

This outfit is also a casual style. Just like with outfit #1, it is best used when you are out during the day, meeting some friends at the local cafeteria or otherwise.

Brown shoes work well with navy pants. A blue shirt with a navy sweater on top of it gives a really clean and elegant looking style.

  • Outfit #3

While seemingly looking casual outfit, one could argue that the formality is upped with this one. Nevertheless, you can pull it off without worrying too much on the formality scale. Can be used during the day, but it can also be used on the evening, for lets say, a dinner with friends or a girlfriend.

The navy shirt looks striking with a pair of khakis and brown shoes.

  • Outfit #4

A more formal outfit with a vest and a tie best suitable for when you go to a party or a night club. It is a good combination with the jeans, giving a bit elegance while avoiding looking too formal. After all, you are there to have fun, not to strike out a business deal.

The vest and tie, up the attraction no doubt, while the jeans state a more casual presence.

  • Outfit #5

This outfit oozes class and elegance, exactly what you need if you pick a very formal approach. Sometimes you need to show a lot of class, especially if you are out with a girl. 

Best suitable at night when you have a dinner date or visit some famous lounge bar.

The red shirt is an attention grabber and an attraction amplifier.

Add this lovely tie and you will begin to see complements getting thrown your way.

These are many outfit ideas and these are just a couple of ideas for men to try out, especially on weekends.

Pick one for the day and one for the night and you are good to go.

It is advisable to wear casual clothes during the day and more formal ones during night outs. But that is a matter of preference for many men.

These 5 outfit ideas should be enough to cover you for all weekends of the month.

Just make sure to have proper maintenance on your wardrobe and you won’t have to worry if you should wear the same outfit for a second time.

Have fun gentlemen!

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