Cinnamon Benefits


When it comes to the healthiest seasonings, we can not pass without mentioning cinnamon.

There are numerous positive effects of cinnamon on people’s health, but I will only name a few.

It may be worthwhile mentioning why it is one of the most known or why it has a fantastic flavor, but this article will be focused solely on the benefits of consuming cinnamon.

Without further ado, here are the benefits:

  1. In Chinese medicine it is known as a remedy for colds and flu (in combination with tea and ginger).
  2. In combination with honey and water it is a real vitamin bomb.
  3. Helps in digestion and restores nerves and blood.
  4. Just half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day lowers blood sugar in diabetics.
  5. Lowers blood cholesterol, destroys the fungi and prevents their spread.
  6. Cinnamon is a natural food preservative and contains fiber, calcium, iron and manganese.

These are enough reasons to place it into your daily diet. Not to mention that it has a very sweet taste. Many people use it as a dressing for their coffee or tea.

But it is most suitable and one of the best seasonings for diabetics. It regulates the blood sugar like no other seasoning before.

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