Best-Dressed Gentlemen In The Business World

best dressed gentlemen in the business world

To be good in all aspects of life is really important. Good style expresses your sense of ambition, which is what most gentlemen have.

You will never see the CEO of a business company dressed in jeans and t-shirt from Monday to Friday.

So when it comes to office style, these are the gentlemen worth knowing and having a look at. They are some of the best dressed men in the business world.
  • Tom Ford

It turned out really well in his directorial debut film “A Single Man”, which is one of best fashion style films of the 21st century. His fashion empire is one of the most successful in this business.

What he features best is having good knowledge of combining a suit. You will really rarely see him in a very loosely edition.

  • Christopher Bailey

Before Bailey come on board of Burberry, the company had little credibility. But with a strong sense of history, Bailey climbed to the top in the world of fashion, where he still stands firmly.

Not only did he become one of the most respected gentlemen in the fashion world, but he is also one of the best dressed.

  • Lapo Elkann

Most of you will recognize Lapo more for the good street style rather than his success in business. Lapo Elkann is the grandson of Gianni Agnelli who is head of the company Fiat. He is known for constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to his own personal style.

  • Luca di Montezemolo

At the time he was the head of Ferrari, Luca was considered one of the best-dressed gentleman in business. And now, years later, he still works on himself and thrives in business as well as in style. Rarely can he be seen without a suit and tie and his Italian style represents him as a very stylish businessman.

  • Stephan Winkelmann

Many of the best-dressed gentlemen work with cars and one of those is the President of Lamborghini, Srephan Winkelmann. Always smart, but with the advantage that can often be exploited in the business world. Best known for his very serious and classic style.

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