4 foods you probably never knew built muscles

4 foods that build muscles

Fill the dish with the right foods and you will build muscles in a very short period of time.

Most men think that muscles are built with chicken or beef, which is true, no doubt. But the truth is that these four foods can help you build impressive muscles just as much and most are probably not aware of them at all.

Here are the 4 foods that build muscle mass effectively:
  • Edamame (soy beans)

According to the study which is published in the journal Experimental Biology, green soy beans increase the mass of your muscles and slower the releasing of protein unlike whey.

If you regularly feed your muscles with this commodity, you will reduce the fatigue and inflammation of the muscles. Therefore, you can very quickly work through the exercises.

  • Asparagus

Foods that can build up your muscles are not only the protein based ones.

Journal Reproductive Biology & Endocrinology reveals that asparagus is rich in aspartic acid that can increase testosterone levels in your body by 42 percent.

Testosterone is the primary male sensual hormone that helps build muscles. Add this commodity more to your menu and accelerate the growth of testosterone and muscle.

  • Oysters

These shellfish are mainly related to increased libido. But often it is negligible that with the consumption of oysters you can even consume up to 33 grams of zinc.

The study which is published in the Journal of Exercise Physiology reveals that the extra intake of zinc can increase your strength by 15 percent.

  • Apples

Besides the numerous benefits of apples, their bark is very important when working and building bigger muscles. Apples are rich in ursolic acid, an ingredient that increases endurance bone and muscle mass.

Daily consumption of this fruit will increase the overall strength of your core.

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