Style of the day – Pink Shirt

pink shirt
Another excellent looking style for today’s style of the day.

This time the navy suit is complemented with a navy tie and a pink shirt. This could easily be the best style with a navy suit that can be combined.

Although many men argue that pink is a woman’s color, truth is in today’s fashion there is no men’s or women’s color.

And if we go back in time, at the start of the 20th century, the pink color was considered a man’s color, while the blue color was considered a woman’s color.

A hundred years later that trend turned tides. Nowadays blue is considered a man’s color while pink is considered a woman’s color.

Even though many people view it like that, choosing a pink colored shirt for a guy is not a bad idea. You will not lose masculinity over it, nor will you gain masculinity if you opt for blue shirt instead.

Here is another example of how good it can look on a man, especially when the navy suit is paired with brown shoes.

If you are still unsatisfied and unsure if it is a man’s color, just have a look at what “Alfie” thinks of it:

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