6 phrases successful men will never say

Behind every success lies hard work and effort.

There is not one successful person that hasn’t worked hard to come to a place he is now. To succeed you need to sacrifice a number of things that you have enjoyed, but eventually it will pay off.

And when the success comes it will make you forget all the bad moments you’ve gone through. But when in difficult situations, successful people do not stop so easily.

Here are the phrases you will not hear from them:
“I hate this job”

This sentence you will definitely not hear from a successful person! People who are focused on success, always strive to be neutral in terms of work and not show too much love for it, so they would not take it very personally.

“This is not fair”

Successful people never found any objections when they haven’t received some praise and when others received. Even though they may think that, they will never express it.

“I do not work that way”

Those who are successful will never speak like a job does not match, if it is not within their principles. Successful people are always open to changes and new proposals.

“It’s not my job”

This can be very annoying if you ask someone for help and get this answer. Successful people do not run away from work, even in the moments when they have a lot of work. They will help because they want to help and make your job easier.

“It is impossible”

Even in moments when something looks really impossible, they will not say it, because they believe there is always a way out.

“I have no choice”

Another phrase that you will not hear from successful people. They know that there is always a choice and that there are always two choices of routes, so you just need to choose the one on which you will go.

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  1. Nice post – you are absolutely right about each of these. “Not my job” is the enemy of growth and learning and gives you ways to experience true teamwork.

    Well written!

    1. Not to mention you will be seen as the “enemy” by your co-workers. And who knows when the time comes when you might need their help, what will they say then? 🙂

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