What Can We Learn From Sean Connery When It Comes To Style?

Sean Connery

Sean Connery, being the best friend of Michael Caine, was the first James Bond that appeared on the big screen.

And he did it with a seductive vocal burr.

His emergence as the world’s most dangerous spy made him one of the most respected gentlemen in the world.

The way Sean Connery starred as Agent 007, made James Bond a character with real style.

It can be seen in the scenes of Goldfinger where Sean is dressed in a three-piece suit.

If you are tall and slim, you can bring more volume to your suit, so it would be nice to add a vest.

Connery in a three piece suit

Even the most impressive gentleman is nothing without a good pair of shoes. What you wear on your feet is the first thing that people see. Avoid wearing a beautifully tailored suit with cheap shoes from street sales.

You can have a beard or not, there is no third choice!

As Connery grew older over the years his beard grew more as well. While in his youth, he always maintained a clean shaven-no-beard face. Growing and grooming the beard, just as a hairstyle or a suit, should have patience and consistency.

Your face is your canvas. Every respectable gentleman has routine skin care. Doesn’t matter what hairstyle or suit you have, it’s all for nothing if you are not well-groomed.

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2 Replies to “What Can We Learn From Sean Connery When It Comes To Style?

  1. Sean Connery remains a dashing “older” man, my favorite James Bond. I read that when he was signed on for films he was rather rough around the edges and they spruced him up beautifully to star as none other than “James, James Bond”. “)

    1. Indeed. He remains one of the best ( if not the best ) James Bond of all time. He personified the character to the fullest, exactly what was needed from him.
      And not just there, he was truly marvelous in other roles throughout his acting career.

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