Top 4 Exercises For A Perfect Back

Top 4 exercises for a Perfect Back

Although the definition of an “ideal” look is different for each of us, we all agree that the torso in the form of a “V” is an integral part of the perfect figure.

So today lets consider these 4 exercises that will build a large and firm back.

But, other than helping you to perfect your back, these exercises carry several important benefits as well.

  • They will help you to stand upright, because they strengthen those weak points for which we are beginning to stand and sit hunchbacked
  • You can lift more weight on the bench, because the strengthening of the upper and middle dorsal muscles help stabilize the joints of the shoulders
  • You will strengthen your hands, because the exercises for the back activate these muscles as well
  • Will accelerate the burning of fat, because it targets a large group of muscles – the more muscles you exercise, the more calories you will burn


Dead-lifting is by far the best exercise for an ideal back.

It triggers much of the muscles in the body, especially those that are most interested for us at the moment – layers of the lumbar muscles, the traps and the wide dorsal muscle (latissimus dorsi).

However, like all other exercises, if you want to see results you have to focus on the execution of the exercise, not the weight.

How to properly perform the dead lift? Place your feet shoulder-width and use a classic grip of the bar.

Although reverse grip will help you have a better hold of the rod so you do not slip, it brings a greater risk of injury. The purpose of the dead-lifting is targeting the forearms.

Be careful not to bend the back while you perform the exercise and do not overdo it with its strength in the upper position – open the chest, the abdominal muscles contract them and block the lower back to keep in the proper form.

Lifting on a shaft

If you want a perfect back, you have to perform lifting on a shaft in several variations.

It will help you achieve the width of the back because it targets the most dorsal muscle, the latissimus dorsi.

When performing exercises on the shaft it is important to remember that they begin with a relaxed hanging on the rod, then moving to the rod with your chest.

As you approach the rod, thrust your shoulders back so that the weight falls to the upper dorsal muscles, not the biceps.

These rules apply to all variations of the exercise.

Lower pulley with retention

This is a version of a famous exercise for the upper back.

Add a retention for 3 seconds when the rod is on your torso and you’ll be closer to your goal – an ideal back.

These muscles are important to strengthen, because they help stabilize your shoulders.

And you need the shoulders for almost all the exercises for the upper body.

Attach a straight wire cable to the rod and sit with almost merged legs.

Pull the rod with classic grip shoulder-width and straighten up.

Begin the exercise by pulling your shoulders down and back to avoid pressure on the joints which can cause injury.

Pull the rod to the upper abdomen, hold in this position for 3 seconds and return to the starting position. Your torso should remain upright and static during this movement.

Do not lean forward or backwards while you perform this exercise.

Pull-down on a lat machine

Often underestimated, but a great exercise for forming the perfect back if you ask professionals.

The greatest benefit you can have is if you perform a slow, controlled pace, exactly where you will feel like you targeting the wide dorsal muscle.

Sit on the lat machine and take the rod with classic grip, slightly wider than your shoulders.

Push your shoulders back and down without moving the torso. Pull the rod to the chest, hold briefly and then return to a starting position.

Do 8 to 12 reps and ensure the upper body remains in the same position from the beginning to the end of the exercise.

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