5 Basic Rules Of Behavior In The Gym – Part One

gym behavior

The gym is a place where a lot of people are circulating and they expect to get out of there happier. Some because of progress and others just want to release the stress their day brought.

For everyone to enjoy the time spent at the gym, it is necessary to follow some unwritten rules of behavior.

I believe that the text that follows will be of great help for beginners to fit in at the gym.

Having said that, those more experienced need to be reminded of these rules as well. Because they are an example for new trainees to follow and accept.

1. Take care of personal hygiene

Although it sounds like something that is understood, people do not always pay attention to this aspect. No matter how much clean and fresh you feel, if you have spent most of the day in the same clothes, that will be felt at the first sweat while exercising.

To avoid inconvenience to yourself and those who exercise near you, always take a shower before you go to exercise and use a deodorant. Exercise with a clean gear. Bring a towel with you, carry it with you to handle the exercise and wipe the equipment after you finish exercising.

2. Observe the signs

If you notice a water bottle, towel or other object to a machine or in its vicinity, it is a sign that someone is using it at the moment though is not present. That means you have to wait for the person to be back, before you start to tamper with the machine for your exercise and start to use it.

Precisely because of this, be careful where you leave your belongings and for how long. It is not fair to leave a towel on a machine while using the other just because you plan to return to it again. Also, do not move someone else’s belongings without asking whether it is in order.

3. Do not enter into conversation on your own initiative

Do not start a conversation with someone who exercises at the moment. Wait for him to complete the series before you speak. There is nothing worse than having someone interrupt you while you try to focus on performance or repetitions of an exercise.

If you see someone wearing headphones, it may mean that he wants to listen to different music than what is currently being played in the gym. But, it can also mean he does not want to be disturbed. Respect it.

4. Respect the privacy and space of people around you

Do not stretch or make sudden movements in space before checking if someone is near you. Do not move the bench near other equipment to enable the rest of the gym to exercise smoothly. Also, as much as you admire someone’s form, do not stare at people who exercise. Not only is it not cultural, but also it distracts while performing the exercise.

5. The mirrors are set to see how to exercise properly

This is perhaps one of the least respected rules of behavior in the gym.

Avoid the temptation to comb your hair or to discover how you look with the new training equipment to the mirror where someone exercises. Your reflection will distract others and will reduce the efficiency of their exercise.

You would not want someone to pose to you while you exercise, right?

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