How to get back in form after a long break?

getting back in form

Maybe you think that a return to form, i.e returning to the gym after a long break is harder than the first entry there, but it is not. If you exercised regularly, with the return of proper nutrition and exercise in a short time you will again return in shape, thanks to the fact that the muscles remember. Your body will need a little time to remember the movements and the general way in which your body functioned before.

How to facilitate the project “returning to form”?

As with any other project, the beginning is the hardest part and it is happening in your head. First forgive yourself for the long break and leave it behind. Focus on what is coming.

It’ll take some time until you see the results and this time you have to stay motivated and persistent. Accept this and remember it, as it will make your goal a lot easier.

1. Set realistic goals

No matter how strong your will is, if you do not see results your motivation will falter over time. Best results are seen when you set goals and objectives. But, it is particularly important for objectives to be realistic. As much as it went great before the break, be aware that you are now several steps behind. So, do some training to check your form before you set new goals. If you set goals too high you will only frustrate yourself and again quit the healthy habits. Or worse, you get hurt.

Even after you set goals, be flexible. Do not punish a missed training session or one wrong meal out of your eating plan. Rather, upgrade for every success achieved for each goal. So you stay motivated to continue with even greater faith. Just make sure the prizes are healthy – not exactly wise to reward yourself with the most caloric cake if your goal was to reduce excess weight.

2. Stick to a balanced training program and nutrition plan

Returning to form is essentially returning the body in a perfect balance that will allow the functioning of its full potential. You will achieve this by introducing balance in your training and nutrition. Monitor your progress by keeping a little diary of exercises, sets, reps and meals. So you can see which combinations work best for you.

When exercises are concerned, it is important to provide the body a training for the entire muscular system. Do not focus on just one part of the body, with only one type of exercise.
In terms of nutrition, it’s easiest to stick to the plan if you prepare meals in advance. Supplements can also help a lot. You can prepare a protein shake in 2 minutes and with it consume all the necessary nutrients that will keep you full and will give you energy for your workout.

3. Turn on the “rest” in your program

If you are tired it will be difficult to regularly exercise and you will not be able to progress in your training program. Therefore, your motivation will decline. But when the lack of leisure is in question, motivation is probably the smallest problem you face. Fatigue causes increased hunger and makes you consume more calories throughout the day.

Rest should be part of your training program in the form of a quality sleep at night, short breaks throughout the day and the days that you will completely relax from physical activity. Remember that muscle growth occurs when your body is recovering from exercise, not during the workout.

4. Obtain support along the way to your goal

Sometimes the smallest gestures of support can make a huge change and help you to continue with your plan. That is one reason why those who exercise with fitness coaches have better results. Apart from vocational guidance throughout exercises, the coach knows when and how to give you the support you need.

If you exercise with a trainer, exercise with a friend. Preferably someone who is approximately the same with you and that can exercise at the same time with you. And in the moments when you want to quit and skip series, your friend will be there to remind you that you can endure to the end. However, if you exercise alone for some reason, you can use social media for support. Share your small and large victories with friends who will rejoice with you and help you stay motivated.

5. Remember that you can always learn more

Whether you’ve gone 10 days or 10 years in the gym, you can always learn something new. Do not be shy to ask someone more experienced than you for a new exercise program or diet. And the greatest professionals read books, research and other’s experience to advance. There are no stupid questions. Explore and ask about everything that interests you and you will see that your progress will improve.

6. Make this be an interesting experience

Do not let the training become boring – make changes in your training program from time to time. Experiment with new healthy meals, ask yourself new challenges, replace cardio tape with cycling in nature or whatever you like and will allow you to get away from the routine.

Buy new exercise equipment. You don’t need to be concerned with fashion to feel good in new clothes, a new bag or a water bottle. Whatever you refresh your gear with, will give you additional motivation to exercise.

Do not delay anymore, today is a great day to return to form!

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