Part 2 – Can you “program” your body to burn fat?

program your body to burn fat

If we take into account the fact that diet accounts for more than 70% in our form, it is clear that each meal influences your points in the game against excess fat.

Previously I covered a couple of foods that have the power to burn fat. Therefore let’s have a look at other types of foods that combined with regular physical activity will help you stay “clean.”

Cinnamon helps to stabilize levels of blood sugar. Therefore, by adding cinnamon to your meals you prevent the body to store excess fat and encourage it to spend a greater amount of glucose for energy.

Hot peppers are known as food that burns fat and calories because of their one ingredient called capsaicin. Capsaicin releases heat that affects the whole body and metabolism and thus triggers the burning of excess fat.

Capsaicin is also present in Indian and Chinese food.

  • Whole grain food

Is it possible to eat carbohydrates and burn fat at the same time? Yes, but be careful with the selection of the source of carbohydrates.

Whole grain pasta, whole wheat rice, porridge, whole wheat bread and generally any whole grain food that contain a very small amount of fat and a large amount of fiber.

Therefore, just like protein, this food burns fat because the body needs more energy to decompose and absorb. Moreover, it keeps you fuller for longer and prevents sudden drops in blood sugar.

  • Dairy products with low-fat

Dairy products are an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D, which participate in the process of feeding the skeletal and muscular system.

But, standard dairy products contain high fat and therefore are rarely found in fitness nutrition plans. But if you consume dairy products with low-fat percentage, you will avoid this problem. And the body will give proteins that will stimulate your metabolism to burn fat.

  • Coffee and green tea

Green tea is a known “tool” when it comes to the release of excess weight and body fat. Its positive properties are due to the polyphenols that act as powerful antioxidants and the catechins which increase thermogenesis in the body and stimulate the metabolism to use fat as an energy source.

Green tea also contains caffeine, which speeds up the heart and stimulates the body to burn calories faster. It is this effect of caffeine and coffee that makes a great stimulant for burning fat. Coffee stimulates the adrenaline in the body and speeds up the metabolism.

Remember that there are no fitness “diets”, rather a diet that you should apply for the long-term. Therefore, carefully include these foods into your meal plan in a way that you think will work for longer and program your body to continuously burn fat.

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