A Simple Guide of Combining the Colors of Shirts With Suits

combining colors of shirts with suits

One of the most common mistake men make is not combining the right colors of their outfit.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at styling if the color of your shirt does not match the color of your suit.

You have achieved nothing if you look like a clown.

This simple and short guide will set you up just enough, for you not to make a mistake next the time you opt for a suit.

You need to know right from the start which shirt colors fit a black suit, which go well with dark blue and grey suit.

As it can be seen from the picture below, white and grey work well with every suit color.

Now, a picture doesn’t have to tell you that. Instead, take a look around you the next time you are out into town.

You will notice almost all businessmen opt for a white or grey shirt. You just cannot make a mistake combining a white or grey shirt with any suit you can think of.

Most businessmen also opt for a blue or light blue shirt. It can be combined very well with most colors of suits.

Of course there are other various colors of shirts out there. But these are the most commonly used ones, especially by men that work in office surroundings.

Therefore, below is a perfect illustration of which colors of the shirt work best with which colors of a suit.


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