Truths And Misconceptions About Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, which is one of most known vitamins, is considered the greatest ally of human health. It is best consumed through fresh food.

Though, during the state of a disease, doctors advise for vitamin C to be taken via tablets. Although we think we know everything, there are some truths and misconceptions about it.

Strengthens immunity and improves the organism

Truth: Vitamin C stimulates the body to fight infections. Some studies have confirmed that it has a positive effect on the prevention of cataracts of the eye (cataract), high blood pressure and chronic inflammation.

Since it is a known antioxidant, it fights with harmful radicals that are the main causes of cancer. It also helps to create collagen, which is important for maintaining youth.

This vitamin is recommended as prevention but also for faster recovery from diseases because it restores energy and immunity. Fatigue, slow healing of wounds, bleeding from the gums and anemia indicate a lack of vitamin C.

Lemons contain the most Vitamin C

Myth: Lemons and other citrus fruits are rich in it, but there are other foods that contain more than indicated. Fresh red peppers, kiwi fruit and aronia are one of the richest vegetables and fruits with vitamin C. In addition, a good source of vitamin C are green leafy vegetables as well.

Smokers require more Vitamin C

Truth: Smokers lose daily supplies of vitamin C by smoking 10 cigarettes a day. Because of that, their need is greater than 500 mg. It has been proven that every cigarette leads to loss of 10-30 mg of vitamin C. Also, people with weak immunity have a greater need for it.

Must be consumed in exact amounts

Myth: If you consume a larger quantity, vitamin C is excreted in the urine. So, if you consume larger amounts through food, there is no health risk.

Take care when combined with caffeine or energy drinks because it can affect sleep. Before taking a greater amount of these tablets, be sure to consult your doctor. Recent research in this area shows that there are cases of overdose. Some of the symptoms that indicate a hyper-C were headache and an upset stomach.

During cooking food Vitamin C is lost

Truth: Vitamin C rapidly decomposes on contact with air and heat, so it belongs to the group of heat-sensitive vitamins. The higher temperature and the longer the food is being cooked, the more it is lost. Therefore, it is best to eat fresh food or short-cooked on steam.

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