7 male garments that women can’t stand

Surely it happened someone tells you what you wear is not appropriate or simply – does not look good.

It is a fact that one can not discuss about style and taste, because it is an individual thing. But one thing is certain – girls agree that certain pieces of clothing should cease with production.

Here are the 7 male garments that women find repulsive:

T-shirts with a deep V-expression

This really knows how to look bad. Yes, often we see mannequins wearing these t-shirts or men who want to show their progress in the gym and this V-expression suggests precisely that – the need to show.

Apart from looking bad, these tees point to low self-esteem as well, which is not at all attractive to women.

Very short shorts

I have nothing against shorts, but shorts that are really short, well, then comes the confusion. Is it male or female shorts? No girl wants to see a man in ultra short shorts, no matter how high the temperatures are outside.


First thing women notice in a man is his shoes, because they talk a lot about a person. But women do not like to see flops on a man’s legs, especially in the combination of a suit or something elegant. Leave these shoes for the beach, where they belong.

Belt with a large buckle

As a model detail, the belt is perfect and serves to greatly complement the particular combination of clothes. But when you wear a belt with a huge buckle, this detail often knows how to spoil the whole look. This trend was popular a long time ago, it is best to leave it in the distant past.

Skinny jeans or pants

Slim fit pants and jeans have been present for several seasons in men’s fashion. They look great and even combine better and there’s nothing wrong with them. But by wearing pants that look more like leggings and you risk looking ridiculous and that is far from attractive to women.


Oversize trend persists for several seasons, but this does not apply when it comes to uniforms. So always make sure that the suit be your true size, sleeves not too lengthy and pants not looking crumpled. A man wearing a bespoke suit is irresistible to women.

To much jewelry

Fashion details in the form of jewelry are welcome when necessary to “spice” any outfit. And girls have nothing against beautiful leather bracelets, bracelets of steel or high-quality watches. The problem occurs when you do not measure in detail. Wearing several bracelets, watch and a ring is repulsive with girls. Therefore, find common land and everything will be fine.

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  1. When I was young oversized male clothing on a girl was very popular. It highlighted how delicate we were compared to men. And suggested we had borrowed a boyfriend’s clothes. For both these reasons a guy wearing these clothes would instinctively be wrong if he were trying to impress a woman.

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