5 Basic Rules Of Behavior In The Gym – Part Two

rules of behavior at the gym

In part one of this mini-series, I covered 5 basic rules of behavior in the gym.

In this article I will address another 5 basic rules that will make everyone’s time at the gym all the more pleasant.

1. Be quiet

If you are exercising with a trainer, friend or a partner and you speak during a workout, do so with a tone that does not bother the people around you.

Do not talk on the phone in the vicinity of people who exercise. Go to the dressing room and finish the call and then go back to exercise. Pay attention to how loud you are when using the equipment too. Do not throw the weights on the floor. Not only does the sound generated disrupts concentration, but such behavior may hurt someone.

2. Refrain from criticism of others

Never give advice and opinions on how to exercise if the person does not ask it from you. There are instructors and staff in charge of this at the gym. If you believe someone may be injured and exercises without supervision, then indicate this to someone more experienced to check whether the person properly performs the exercise.

3. Use and handle the equipment efficiently

Do not change from one machine to the other if you have not completed the series. Note that other people in the gym are exercising a specific training program and exercise according to the order in which the machines are freed. Furthermore, exercising on a particular machine for a while before switching to another makes your training more effective.

But also be careful not to occupy a machine for too long, as is the case with cardio machines. It is not right for someone to spend 2 hours on the cardio machine and some fail to warm up before a workout.

Use belts only for those complex movements that require additional support to the lower back for the proper conduct of a given exercise. Put the belt in place immediately after such exercises.

4. Gym is a common place where everyone has equal rights and obligations

Whether you are new to the gym or an experienced practitioner, rules apply to everyone and everyone has the same right to use the equipment. Do not occupy all the equipment that you plan to use for exercise. Take with you only what you use at the moment. Always Return the equipment in place after you finish a particular exercise.

If you notice that someone wants to exercise with the equipment which you use at the moment, offer to use it interchangeably to complete the series. If you want to connect to someone who already exercises, ask if it’s OK to modify it.

5. Be careful when and how you want help or advice

Never improvise if you are unsure how to perform some exercise, but wait and ask the employees at the gym which is the correct way to use the equipment.

Do not lift heavy weights without having someone next to you to help. However, if you want advice or help from someone who exercise near you, select a suitable moment.

Many experienced bodybuilders at the gym would gladly help you, but wait for them to complete their exercises before you call for help.

Also, do not expect someone to guide you through the whole training because everyone had come to the gym to exercise. If you need it, hire a personal trainer.

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