4 Simple Rules

4 simple rules

Life is much more enjoyable when you try to live it in a simple way. Regardless of what you are trying to accomplish, whatever your goal is, simplicity is the key here.

Nothing good comes when you complicate or over think things.

Follow these 4 simple rules and you will reap the benefits of a better, more enjoyable life:

#1: Wake up early

Waking up early helps you get more stuff done throughout the day. It helps your body to consume all the necessary meals and digest them properly. More hours in the day helps you to feed your brain with new information and knowledge as well.

#2: Work harder than you think you did yesterday

It is simple, don’t skip on the daily routine and always try to finish the tasks you have set up for the day. If you’ve done 2 tasks yesterday, do 3 today and so on. Never stop progressing, never stop upgrading yourself.

#3: Never go more than 3 days without exercise

Not only will it help you to stay fit, but it will help you to release all the stress and negativity as well. Your muscles won’t shrink and the stress won’t eat you up. Besides, resting for more than 3 days and you risk losing a lot of the progress you made.

#4: Make time to read every single day

Regardless of what you choose to read, a book or a newspaper, just make sure you read every single day. It will help your brain and it will feed your brain with new information as well. It is one of those habits that has the most profound influence.

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