16 Rules That Every Man Must Respect At The Gym

rules to respect at the gym

Every beginning at the gym is hard and every new challenge as well. My first choice is always to train at home, but not everyone can train at home.

And if you choose to train at the gym, just follow and respect these rules and everything will be fine:

1. Avoid selfies in front of the mirror
2. Do not make a fuss at a machine that is already being used
3. Do not give advice unless it is being asked of you, do not be annoying
4. Be clean and wear fresh equipment
5. Wipe the machine if you’ve sweat all over it when using (one of the best tips on this list)
6. Never speak with anyone while they exercise
7. Return the equipment in its place after you use it
8. Do not create tension while someone exercises for them to speed up because you’re next in line and in a hurry
9. Sort out the weights correctly
10. Do not bother someone with headphones, respect his decision not to be bothered
11. Avoid staying at one machine all the time, because you are not alone in the gym
12. Do not feel threatened by someone bigger than you
13. The gym is not the place for flirting – exchange contacts and meet at an appropriate place
14. Do not yell while exercising
15. If you do not know something, feel free to ask

16. If someone is teasing, you know he’s the dork, not you

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