Quote of the day – Private

“Keep your sex life, bank account and next move private.”

Life is simple if you make it simple. There is no need to complicate things. Especially private things. Things such as how many sex partners you had in your life, how much money you make or what your next move is.

There are certain things in life that should remain private for your own benefit. You will be more mysterious because of it.

People love and crave for more intriguing persons. They will not find you intriguing or mysterious if you constantly show everyone what you are doing with your life.

Have some secrets and keep them. Don’t tell anyone how much sex you have or how much money you make. People tend to stick around such persons more so than others.

The Gentleman

A young, enthusiastic man with a passion for fashion, healthy lifestyle and a constant need for improving myself. Having enjoyed ( and still enjoying ) the benefits of my current lifestyle, I am dedicating my time providing short, insightful posts and tips on how to become a better man.