How To Solve The Excess Weight Problem

how to solve the excess weight problem

How many diets have you tried in practice so far? How many videos of fast weight-loss training programs have you saved on your computer? Some of them may have had an effect at the moment and some not even at all. Why? Because excess weight is not a problem that disappears if you solve it once before.

A week starvation coupled with 30 minutes of exercise a day will not bring positive long-term effects. Rather, it can disrupt your metabolism and cause accumulation of more fat when you stop that mode of operation. If you want positive long-term effects you need to make positive long-term changes in your habits.

Make an evaluation of your current habits

The first step in dealing with excess weight is a gradual change of habits. Therefore, it is necessary to locate and change the habits that stand in the way to a healthy and fit body. Do not be afraid, you will not need to radically change your lifestyle the next day. The whole point is to keep your body in perfect balance without stressing it with abrupt changes.

Start by reducing calorie intake and increasing physical activity. Since the reduction of excess weight happens when you consume fewer calories than those that you burn. With a deficit of 300-400 calories a day and a regular exercise, you can be weighed down to 1 kg per week. Just for orientation, a deficit of 400 calories can be achieved by simply replacing sweet drinks with water and calorific dinner with a piece of lean meat or vegetables.

Take one to two changes per week, where the “bad” foods will be replaced with the less calorie alternative for short notice changes. Find healthy meals that you enjoy, because you have to comply with the new nutrition program in the long-term.

Base the food on protein

Next way that you can deal with excess weight is increasing the intake of protein, for two reasons: protein keeps you fuller for longer and encourages the burning of calories because the body processes them harder than carbohydrates and fats. Instead of eating sweets between meals, drink a protein shake that will regulate the levels of sugar in the blood and help to burn the excess fat.

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Speaking of sugar, in the fight against excess weight you got to look out for the consumption of alcohol as well. Alcoholic drinks are high in calories, sugar and fat that do not carry any nutritional benefit to your body. The second problem with alcohol is causing hunger, so by reducing the amount of alcohol you avoid unhealthy meals in the early morning hours after the stormy night.

Delay the breakfast

Delay the first meal in the morning, but do not skip it altogether. With the exclusion of a meal you will reduce your calorie intake, but the problem is that if you starve your body in the morning, chances are that it will double up for the rest of the day.

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By moving the time for breakfast for 1-2 hours, it will give your body the opportunity to use part of the already accumulated fat for energy without obtaining the signal of starvation and start to store all the calories that you consume later. Ideal breakfast which will stimulate burning of fat would be 2-3 eggs or oatmeal with whey protein.

Exercise smarter

What does that mean? Choose something you want to do for a long time. Exercises with weights combined with cardio exercises are the best combination. But if you do not enjoy exercising in the gym, replace your static bike and the running track with other cardio activities such as swimming, tennis, basketball or football.

Once you notice how exercises with weights improve your performance in sports that you enjoy, your motivation will grow. It’s important to stay true to your plan and increase the physical activity.

Commit to your goal

If you want long-term effects of your efforts to reduce excess weight, you will need to be devoted to new lifestyles. But that does not mean you have to force the outset. If you start with sudden changes, you risk exhausting your body quickly and then quit. Gradually change your habits and your physical condition will continuously improve and you will stay motivated for continuous change.

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