How does one training of Thor look like

thor training

The body that Chris Hemsworth ( Thor ) owns can not be reached overnight.

The Australian actor once again proved that the body of a superhero can come only through hard workouts and intense physical training.

After publishing a video on his Instagram account, it is clear that Chris has takes the preparation for the new role in the movie Thor: Ragnarok quite seriously. This training is no joke – it combines exercises for strength, cardio and resistance exercises. In the video, Chris is trained by Luca Zocchi. Luca Zocchi is one of the world’s best coaches who has been cooperating with many Hollywood stars.

Regardless of the role in the film, Hemsworth is completely dedicated to his body. And a key factor for good looks is his discipline. He, using Luca, lost about 13 kg for his role in the movie “In the Heart of the Sea”.

“The relationship that we have is amazing – together we lost weight,” said Chris for American’s Men’s Health magazine, last year. He said it reminded him of his childhood in the football team, all the players were willing to do anything for each other.

In the video, Hemsworth begins training with cardio exercise on a stationary bike.

See the full training:

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