5 training tips for a return to form in Spring – Part 1

training tips for a return to form

If you spent the winter with reduced intensity of physical activity, I’m sure the first spring days you are motivated to get back in shape. The enthusiasm that comes with this time of the year is great, but like everything else, if it is excessive it can hurt you.

Great desire to quickly return to form carries risks to injuries and it will not help you accomplish the goal. Therefore, follow these 5 tips and you will be back to fit form slowly and surely.

1. Do not rush

Reconcile the fact that the return to form will not happen overnight. Do not go too strong in the first 3 days and then recover the same amount of days from exercising. Exercise 3 times per week, which will train the whole body and maintain consistency. The abrupt change from passivity to activity is the quickest way to an injury.

2. Gradually increase the intensity

The intensity of your training should be gradually increased in terms of weights, sets and reps, but no more than about 10 percent per week. Whenever the intensity is greater than this, you risk overworking your body and hurting it.

3. Exercise with an appropriate training program

To achieve an objective in fitness, you need a carefully compiled training program appropriate to your goals and opportunities. But more important it is to stick to that program and to follow the effects. That way you will know what works for you and where you can make changes for greater effect.

4. Follow the signs your body gives

Things often do not work the same on paper and in practice and it is important to follow the signs on your body. Some days the training will go easy, but sometimes it will be difficult to complete the exercises to the end. Then when you feel that you are tired and your muscles give up, reduce weight or stop exercising.

5. Do not ignore pain

In fitness it is normal to feel muscle pain while exercising and after that as well. But the pain that exceeds certain limits is not a good sign. Learn the difference between pain which is normal to feel during training and the one that points to an injury and adapt the intensity of the exercises accordingly. In no way should you force yourself for more than you feel you can withstand.

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