Elon Musk’s 5 Habits That Make Him Incredibly Productive

elon musk habits

As the CEO of company “Tesla” and “Space X” and president of “Solar City”, Elon Musk has a full schedule every day. The media agree that in addition to personal commitments (five children) and the incredible ambition, he manages to sleep up to six hours every night.

Here’s what this entrepreneur, who is worth billions of dollars, does every day to be the most fulfilling and productive individual.

1. Master of mails

Musk relies on a form of communication that does not require an answer in real-time, meaning immediately, and those are e-mails and messages. He avoids phone calls when possible and thus manages to stick to his schedule.

“I’m very good when it comes to conversation via email,” he stressed, “It is my top priority.”

2. Makes himself intentionally unavailable

People who are not his employees or colleagues can’t easily get in touch with Musk. The same applies to his email address, so he does not have to waste time on reviewing requirements, applications and so on.

3. Always applies multitasking

Meaning he works many things simultaneously. He usually groups the same kind of tasks and works them simultaneously.

4. Always learns

Musk is guided by the first principle of learning – what interests him is to make sure that he understands the most basic “why” behind every scientific theory or rule. This reduces the time he would have spent on learning new concepts.

5. Enough sleep

While working hard, Musk sleeps about six hours and never less. He says he drinks two cups of coffee a day and several diet cokes.

Finally, many agree that Musk is unbelievable talented and has an inexhaustible ability to learn. We should not forget that behind him stand hours, days and years of hard work. So when someone says that he achieved success overnight remember the quote made famous by Lionel Messi: “It took me 17 years and 114 days to become overnight success”.

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