5 training tips for a return to form in Spring – Part 2

5 training tips for a return to form in Spring – Part 2

Great desire to quickly return to form after the winter break can carry risks to injuries if the training is not handled properly. Previously I covered 5 tips on how to handle the returning to form.

So for today, here are 5 more tips that will help you get back to full fitness slowly and surely.

1. Train all muscle groups

Do not focus on just one muscle group, because it will overwork the body and increase the risk of injuries. Make sure to activate all muscle groups with different exercises and activities during the week. Use the good weather and play sports outside. This will activate the muscles in different ways, which will help make it easier to achieve your goal.

2. Remember that rest is part of the training program

Depending on how you were active or inactive during the winter will take approximately 6 weeks to re-set a solid base for training. During that time you have to slowly get the body used to the effort that was normal earlier. And that means the body needs enough time for rest and recovery. Combine training intensity and have a time frame of a minimum of 48 hours between high-intensity trainings.

3. Train with people who are about the same fitness level

Training with people who have similar goals to yours and are approximately at the same level can greatly help you to improve. You are faced with similar difficulties and that will help in overcoming them. If you exercise in the company of people who are at a much higher level of your fitness, you will be tempted to try to get level with them, and it will either result in frustration and loss of motivation or an injury that will peg you back many steps.

4. Ensure that you have support

As you are firm in your intention to return to form, there will be times when your motivation will decrease and then you will need support. Turn to your family and close friends in the race to be back to fit form, or better yet, train with a coach who can understand the “fighting” that you face, will direct the exercise and will know how to restore your enthusiasm when you need it.

5. Do not forget to enjoy the process

I cite this as last, but this is the most important training advice. Savor every activity, every moment of the process of restoring your body in fit shape. Do not compete with anyone except yourself. Do not punish yourself if you haven’t worked hard enough in the winter. This is a great time to turn a new leaf and get back to training today!

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