17 ways on how to become a Desired Gentleman

ways to become a desired gentleman
Here is a short guide on how to become a desired gentleman:
  1. Have a fashion accessory that you will be recognized for
  2. Have an own collection of books
  3. Learn to cook! It is enough to know how to perfectly prepare at least one meal
  4. Have a favorite cocktail and learn how to make it
  5. Select a favorite band and go to their concert
  6. Leave room for some mystery in your life and do not post everything you do on social media
  7. Always stick to your own opinions
  8. Select a favorite hobby and do not bother what others think about it
  9. Choose a hairstyle that will suit you, not one that is trendy
  10. Keep up to date with current events in the world
  11. Have something tailor-made for you. ( suit, shoes, briefcase )
  12. Always speak the truth, but with discretion
  13. Learn how to become a good listener to someone when that person needs you
  14. Do not complain! If there is something you don’t like in life, say it or change it!
  15. Do not let fear hold you back from doing what you want
  16. Do things outside of your work career, and do not let your job be everything you do
  17. Use weekends to do more and to learn more

The Gentleman

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