4 Most Common Misconceptions About Burning Fat – Part One


As summer approaches, our efforts to deal with excess weight and fat that violate our figure increase. That is why this period we are most susceptible to accepting different theories that are often misconceptions, inaccurate or at least unverifiable.

The following are the 4 most common misconceptions about burning fat that can damage your plan to return to form.

1. Such is my body structure, this is my maximum

In short, slow metabolism and “heavy bones” can prevent you from achieving the fit form. Mathematics in calories applies to everyone – if you waste more calories than you consume, the results are inevitable. The difference is that in some people they come faster and in others slower. But you can always speed up the process by adhering to proper diet plan and exercise program according to your structure and goals.

2. Diets do not work

Yes, rigorous diets that make you eager to complete them do not work or their effect is short. But the problem isn’t with diets, but in ourselves. It is normal to have a meal immediately after you went through the process of starvation. So even if your diet includes enough food, as soon as you see significant results you can snap at the notion of “It’s OK, I returned to form, I can enjoy a nice dessert”. And it’s true, you can, but the problem is that these outings become habit. Briefly return to old habits and with them come the old problems with excess fat and weight.

Do not experience the diet plan as a diet, rather as a lifestyle. Allow yourself from time to time for some “forbidden” pleasure, but then immediately return to the diet that keeps you in fit shape. And of course, do not neglect physical activity.

3. Skipping breakfast makes you fat

The actual skipping of breakfast do not cause an increase in the percentage of fat or number of kilograms. On the contrary, abstinence from food in the morning can help you get rid of them. But the problem is that if you skip breakfast, you then have a substantially larger appetite until the next meal and are more likely to overdo eating.

If you can skip or at least delay breakfast without having to compensate with double the amount of meal at lunch, you made your body’s energy for the first part of the day directly from the excess fat.

4. Late dinner makes you fat

You may be surprised that this is one of the great misconceptions about burning fat, but really the time in which you have dinner is not a problem, rather what you eat for dinner. Most people can not sleep if they are hungry. The moment they give up the idea ​​not to dine, they don’t choose food, thus causing the increasing of fat.

If you eat moderately and select proper food, not only will you stop the process of burning fat, but you’ll have a better sleep and will avoid the morning appetite. Choose foods that are high in protein and avoid carbohydrates. You can eat cheese, tuna, omelette of egg whites or drink a protein shake.

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