5 Male Celebrity Hairstyles That You Should Consider For 2017


Since April is in full swing, we begin to forget the long winter bushy hair that protects in low temperatures and we start to think about shorter hairstyles.

And as with many other stylish and fashion highlights, for the hairstyle as well, our greatest inspiration comes from the famous celebrity faces.

We see them everywhere, dressed in all kinds of combinations sporting different kinds of hairstyles.

You can easily draw inspiration from them.

But, many men still disregard the grooming and upkeep of their hair.

While others do pay special attention to their hairstyle.

And with good reason.

Women tend to find men with stylish and well groomed hairstyles more attractive.

And in reality, there is nothing sexier than a well groomed man with a very cool hairstyle.

In addition, here is a list of 5 male hairstyles which should be on your shortlist for 2017.

Nick Jonas

Style: Classic Buzz Cut

Ryan Gosling

Style: Soft Quiff

The Weeknd

Style: Shaped Afro

Zayn Malik

Style: Mid-Length, Loose Centre-Parting

Milo Ventimiglia

Style: 1970’s Masculinity

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