Simple Exercises For A Surefire Result

simple exercises for a surefire result

Repeating these classic, simple exercises a 100 times each will burn fat and prepare your body for extreme efforts.

This is simple, but at the same time highly effective training program designed by Kem Bejerns. Its great advantage is that it can be worked anywhere, from your apartment to the park or at the gym. The only props that you need is a bench or similar impromptu object of your apartment or in nature.

These five exercises when combined will affect all muscle groups in your body. Due to the large number of repetitions and minimum breaks it will significantly speed up your metabolism.

Make the program in the following order: either with 10 repetitions in 10 sets, or 25 reps in 4 sets.


– squats

– push ups

– split squats

– abs

– triceps

Watch the video for a detailed tutorial:

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