4 Most Common Misconceptions About Burning Fat – Part Two


Previously I covered the 4 most common misconceptions about burning fat. Here I will write additional misconceptions that you should look into. But before that, I want to stress the importance of not having to look for solutions that you have heard or read that work for other people.

Do exchange knowledge and experience with people, but remember that we are all different. If you are led blindly by other people’s experiences, chances are you will be disappointed because you will not see the same results.

Have a look at this list, track your progress and see what works best for you.

1. Bananas make you fat

Again, if you stick to the rule of moderation, bananas are a very healthy snack option. They are rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and potassium. But, they contain high levels of natural sugars and can cause a build up of fat if consumed in large quantities and are not spent enough with intense physical activity.

Therefore, eat bananas in moderation. Add some to your first meal or eat before training and you will notice that they are a great, healthy source of energy.

2. Peanut butter is a great choice for burning fat

I’m sure you’ve heard many positive comments about peanut butter, especially when it comes to fitness nutrition. It is true that it is a healthy choice for a meal full of protein, but it also contains a significant amount of fat.

Nuts are healthy and always touted as a great snack, but be careful with the amount that you consume. If you overdo the calories you consume, you will not be able to waste them afterwards.

3. Magical weight-loss tablets

One of the worst misconceptions that is being used. We all want to see quick results, but a perfect figure does not come in bottles of pills that remove all harmful habits and will cause the deposition of fat. Do not get me wrong, in a range of fitness supplements you’ll see many efficient products to reduce excess fat. But they all work in combination with regular exercise. Do not look for a shortcut to a healthy and fit body. Focus on proper diet and exercise program and you will get the results you desire.

4. Training in intervals of high intensity are the best

Training at intervals of high intensity (known as HIIT training) are “in” for some time. The idea is burning more fat in less time through short, explosive series of exercises combined with short periods of recovery.

Many fitness enthusiasts accept these and have excellent results. But those who are not physically prepared for them are put at serious risk if performed without professional supervision of a personal trainer. Fast movements can cause nausea and worse – damage. If you put pressure on yourself, you can cause depletion of your muscles, i.e opposite effect of what you want.

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