4 Style Rules For Athletic Men

4 style rules for athletic men

Each well-built, athletic man should wear clothing that will follow the line of his body.

Most men do not have a body like Tom Hardy, so most brands create clothes for body shape of the average man. If you are one of those who take care of their appearance and regularly visit the gym, you must pay special attention to the choice of attire.

Here are some style rules that athletic men should adhere to:

1. Size

Most serious body-builders have broad shoulders and narrow waist. That generally means choosing clothing that is narrower in the waist and broader at the places where you have muscles. It doesn’t matter if you exercise daily, that does not mean you need to wear clothes that are too small, which are not in your size. Even-though the majority of men want to show the results of their training, fashion is not an ideal place for it.

2. Visit a tailor

Clothes should show the line of your body. Slim fit clothing is the most common choice for men who want to emphasize their figure, but the problem lies in the fact that most of the brands create clothes according to the average body construction. Therefore, tailored clothes are the best solution because it will best highlight your attributes and hide any flaws.

3. Create a balance

If you are tall and big, use the power of accessories to minimize the volume of your body. The broader, classical belts are an effective way to create a balance between the upper and lower body. For the same reason it is wise to avoid monochrome look and choose clothes in neutral shades. Stylists recommend to avoid double-breasted garments which will only further emphasize your chest.

4. Less is more

One of the most common fashion mistakes made by men is wearing more clothes. Adding more layers only further creates the effect of a disproportionate body. To avoid this, wear sweaters of cashmere or merino wool, which are very warm while not giving a massive look. Also, short jackets such as Harrington or bomber models are ideal for creating an excellent balance between the upper and lower body.

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