Luxurious Watches – What Do The Famous Wear?

luxurious watches

The relationship that exists between a man and his watch is similar to the one he has with his car.

Men love fashion and trends and therefore want to possess and carry the most modern and technologically advanced watches.

Of course, this is especially true for Hollywood, where you can see some of the most expensive models of watches.

In addition, I present the favorite watches of famous Hollywood stars:

Tom Cruise – Bremont

Given the fact that virtually all of his roles are part of the action movies, you should not be surprised by his choice, which is in perfect harmony with them.

He holds Bremont watch, which is the work of the British brand, famous for resistant designs.

The fact is that this brand is one of the leading on the market and their connection to aviation is the reason Cruise has chosen their model.

The watch Tom Cruise wears costs “only” five thousand dollars.

Leonardo Di Caprio – Tag Heuer

Due to successful films and achievements on the big screen, Di Caprio is one of the brand ambassadors of Tag Heuer. We often can observe the model Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph around his wrist.

Compared with other models of watches that bear the familiar, his can be called modest. Tag Heuer is one of the premium brands, with an esteemed reputation.

Usher – Rolex

Usher is known for his great looks wherever he appears and the models of watches that he wears play a huge role too. Here is the famous model Rolex Milgauss of the brand Rolex that Usher loves to wear.

It shouldn’t surprise you, considering the fact that by Forbes, Rolex has been named the 57th most powerful brand in the world.

Brad Pitt – Tag Heuer

The brand Tag Heuer once again proved that it can select their ambassadors. Just like Di Caprio, Brad Pitt on his wrist often wears a Carrera model.

The Carrera model is one of the most popular watches of this brand because of the overall luxury look.

Robert Downey Jr. – Jaeger LeCoultre

Whether it is about Iron Man or Sherlock Holmes, Downey Jr. is one of the favorite personalities in Hollywood.

When it comes to fashion details, Robert Downey Jr. always stays true to his brand – Jaeger LeCoultre.

The cooperation of the actor with the brand launched during the presentation of the Iron Man franchise, when we could see many different watches on his wrist during each promotional appearance.

John Travolta – Breitling

Just like Robert Downey, Travolta also has decades of acting business behind him. So it is logical that you’d be interested in what watch he wears.

John Travolta has been associated with the brand Breitling, who often collaborate with famous names.

It can be safely said that Breitling is one of the best brands in the industry. Also, they often collaborate with many famous brands such as Bentley, which is another proof of the luxury and exclusivity of this company.

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