Style of the Day – Sleeves

style of the day - sleeves

There are certain styles in men’s fashion that should be avoided, such as wearing shirts with short sleeves.

While the idea of wearing short-sleeved shirts is an okay one, especially in warm days, wearing such shirts doesn’t make you more attractive. Quite the contrary actually, it makes you more unattractive to the opposite sex.

There is no substitute for shirts with long sleeves.

But what should you do when the weather gets really warm?

If it gets really warm you can always roll up your sleeves. Not only will it help with the heat but will also make you more attractive. Women tend to find men with rolled up sleeves more attractive, compared to men wearing short-sleeved shirts.

There have been numerous tests and findings on such subjects, just google it and see for yourself.

If you can find an article that contradicts this, than by all means, do wear short-sleeved shirts. But until then, keep the short-sleeved shirts out of your wardrobe closet.

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