Training With Weights: A Winning 7-7-7 Combination

training with weights

Using weights, make seven sets of seven exercises with seven repetitions and you’re ready for the summer!

7-7-7 workout is designed so that you go through a series of movements, using only one weight. The time between the movements should be small and you can relax after the prescribed number of repetitions in the series.

Due to the constant movement, calories are quickly consumed and heart rate increases and remains elevated for extended periods. What is good about this training is the use of smaller weights that are equally effective.

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Here’s how it works:

First make sure you have chosen the right weight that you will use from start to finish. Each round should last between two to three minutes, depending on your physical condition and fitness. If in one round you need less than two minutes, increase the weight with which you exercise. Otherwise, if the cycle lasts more than three minutes – drop the weight.

For each exercise, do 7 reps without rest. Rest for one to two minutes, do it after every set and do the exercises in the following order:

1. Triceps extension behind head
2. Hammer
3. Thrust overhead
4. Rowing
5. Step with left foot
6. Step with right foot
7. Sumo push-ups

In addition, see the video below:

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