The most common Fitness Myths and their Truth

fitness myths
No myth is a good myth, especially when it comes to physical activity and health.

Therefore, today lets ruin the most popular fitness myths. Here’s who those fitness myths are and what is the truth behind them.

Myth No.1: Your training is effective if you only have inflammation of the muscles after it.

Truth: Muscle pain is not a benchmark that the training was successful. Pain proves that your muscles have suffered major trauma.

Myth No.2: Long training leads to better results.

Truth: It does not matter how long the training is, rather how effective it is.

Myth No.3: For a good body, you need to exercise every day.

Truth: On the contrary. Your muscles need 2 to 3 days rest to relax and regenerate.

Myth No.4: It does not matter what you eat as long as you exercise hard.

Truth: The best results are achieved by combining good training and proper, healthy and balanced diet. Sometimes, diet is more important than the training.

Myth No.5: Exercising with layers of clothes helps to burn fat.

Truth: The effect of “greenhouse” can endanger your health.

Myth No.6: The program under which my friend exercises will help me as well.

Truth: No! Everyone should have an individual training program that will fit his needs, his lifestyle, constitution etc. Different exercises suit different body types.

Myth No.7: The weight scale is the best proof that you lose weight.

Truth: Forget the scales. Instead, use the metro and measure in volume. It is much more plausible than the number during the measurement of weight.

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