5 Reasons Why Push-Ups Are A Great Exercise


Training the whole body in one training seems impossible because you have to spend many hours in the gym to achieve the same. But if you choose the right exercise and stick to it, such as push-ups, you activate the whole body during the workout.

Push-ups are difficult to perform because they use the weight of your body, but precisely because it is simple and you will not need any special equipment to perform them.

Also, they use only 10 minutes of your time per day and you will achieve a lot. The best verification of this fact is to test yourself. Start with regular and daily practice of push-ups and after a few weeks you will notice the changes in your body.

Push-ups strengthen the back

They are an ideal exercise to strengthen not only the chest and upper body, but also the lower back because you activate the muscles in that area. Exercising push-ups facilitates the training with heavy weights during a workout. In other sports they provide greater stability to the body too.

They reduce the risk of injuries

They are a safe exercise performance, because you rely on your own weight. Their performance contributes to the prevention of back pain and injuries that occur as a result of lifting heavy weights.

Push-ups stimulate metabolism

Daily exercise contributes to wasted calories and weight-loss due to increased work on basal metabolism. At the same time, they build and shape the muscles that require more energy than usual.

They also improve the posture

The cause of bad posture is not only a distorted spine or hip, but weak muscles of the back, shoulders and neck as well. With regular exercise, it strengthens all muscles that mitigate problems of the back and facilitate proper posture.

Push-ups improve balance

How long can you stand on one leg? If it is on the whole a few seconds, then your muscles are weak. Push-ups help to strengthen the muscles, thus enabling a better balance to the entire body.

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