Food That Affects Testosterone

foods that affect testosterone

“Testosterone is a source of vitality and manliness” – says dr. Malcolm Keruters from Harley Street’s Center.

Young men today, at the age of about 30 years, show signs of a low-level of testosterone.

This situation leads to a reduction of libido, cognitive dysfunction, problems with erection and so on.

Also, it is important for building strong muscles, having sturdy bones and a small percentage of body fat as well.

In addition to the exercise and relaxation of the body, the level of testosterone can be increased with nutrition.

Here are the foods should be part of your daily menu:

Consume grapes for an active sperm

Consume one branch of grapes per day and you will notice the difference. Its flakes contain resveratrol, an ingredient that helps to better the sperm quality.

Chinese scientists reveal that 500 mg resveratrol (about 5-10 grains of grapes) is sufficient to raise the level of testosterone and to increase the activity of sperm.

Tuna for a better sexual life

The aroma from tuna may not be ideal for at first, but the vitamin D which is present in it, sure is.

One study conducted at the Medical Faculty in Arizona proves that this vitamin has elevated the level of testosterone by up to 90%, decomposing all substances that are a bad influence on libido.

Honey is good for circulation

To spice up the action in the bedroom, eat honey. It contains boron, a mineral which is connected to high levels of testosterone.

Also, honey is abundant in nitric oxide, which is responsible for the purification of the veins which help in erection. 4 spoons of honey a day raise the level of nitric oxide for up to 50%.

Eggs for hormones

Egg yolks contain cholesterol, which is a precursor to testosterone.

Do not worry about your heart – you can safely consume up to 3 eggs per day, without having to change the level of cholesterol.

Game meat for muscles

Vegetarians, listen: “food without meat can reduce the levels of testosterone by 14%” says Keruters. “Consume in moderation the protein from meat, because a heavy protein diet can also harm the organism.”

Consume garlic for potency

Garlic contains allicin, a component that reduces stress hormone – cortisol. Cortisol fights the testosterone for room in the muscles.

With the reduction of cortisol, you allow a victory to testosterone. Consume it unprocessed for better absorption.

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